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crazy skydiving

so i did it – i jumped out of a plane. it was the scariest thing i’ve done in my life – willingly. people say i was so brave and oh, it’s on their bucket lists as well, and no, they’ll never do it. 

just to clarify – i’m not brave, it was not on my bucket list of fun things to do, and if i can do it, anybody can.  

i wanted to prove to myself before i turn forty (which is later this year) that i can overcome my greatest fear – jumping out of a plane. and by the way, i’m also scared of heights, planes and narrow spaces – the plane was very very very small.  

but i survived and the biggest thing i’ve learned is that the mind is an extremely powerful thing – mind over matter – that’s how i did it. little did i know that the mind over matter thing would be tested a mere week after the jump … mmm … 

will i do it again?  no ways.  am i glad i did it – yes, absolutely yes.  








phew – the different opinions on religion, sexual orientation and race on social media – say no more.  

i encountered my first and last twitter ‘war’ on easter sunday. the outcome was exactly why i don’t get involved in online arguments. if it wasn’t for the trolls and haters, we could have proper discussions, which could lead to more understanding, and hopefully more tolerance.

but now i’m facing a question i’m posing to myself – am i being tolerant if i can’t stand intolerant people and get so aggravated by them?  mmm  …  




not minding your own business

i posed this question to my husband last night – what goes on inside a person who feels the need to correct and/or educate others, judge them, fix them, badmouth them, never seeing the good? 

is it insecurity, is it unresolved issues, what is it?  i have many weaknesses and i have strong opinions about how people do things etc, but i simply don’t feel the need to tell others how they should think, feel or respond.   



on the brink of a new year

phew – what a crazy time. for the first time in my life, i wasn’t in the mood for december, the holidays, festivities, people, noise …

as i sit here in absolute silence (thank you God), with my head a little bit clearer and more open, i can think and look back on the year. easy – nope, not a bit – felt like running away, oh yes, many times – but then you realise, you are stronger than you think – yeah, huge cliche, but true.

i want to thank the people who stabbed us in the back, who kicked us when we were on the floor, who chose to gossip rather than lend a hand – and no, this is not being negative. it made me a stronger person, i learned valuable lessons – not to trust everybody, to be very selective when it comes to sharing your life, to put firm boundaries in place, to stop being a people pleaser, to take care of yourself, to really know who and what matters and to continue giving, paying it forward, making a difference …

here’s to a new year with new beginnings, new challenges, new ways of thinking and doing, new things to explore and most of all – to enjoy life.



staying sane in the recession

waiting waiting waiting for people to pay – they’re waiting, you’re waiting, everybody’s waiting.

the stress takes it toll – mentally, physically, emotionally. people are losing their jobs, the debt grows and grows, worry takes over and makes you numb.

so how do we deal with it?

* take one day at a time
* try to concentrate on positive things
* be grateful for the small things
* find an outlet
* be kind to yourself
* don’t panic – you make wrong decisions when you panic
* talk about it, but remember to choose your audience
* remind yourself – there is always hope
* don’t lose faith


closer and closer to 40

mmm – “they” always say that when you turn 40, you don’t give a damn about what people say and think any more … is that true?

maybe it’s a bit late for the light bulb to go on, but believe me – mine is shining bright and clear.

i’m forever considering everybody’s feelings and respecting everybody’s opinions, but i keep quiet about mine. no ways – this is stopping now. i won’t become rude and obnoxious, but i also don’t want to continue taking medication to deal with people with issues any more …🙂



so, i have a few fears. or wait – let me rather be honest – it’s more like phobias. i’m petrified of mice, frogs, snakes, bugs, any creepy-crawly things – even beetles *sigh*. i don’t do heights, i don’t do narrow spaces, i don’t do roller coasters – can’t even get on the big wheel for pete’s sake. 

so in december of last year i (foolishly) decided to skydive – to conquer all my fears. i have a commitment to go with friends early next year – can’t pull out now?  am i totally insane?



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